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C. Wess Daniels
C. Wess Daniels
Happy New Year Friends.
I trust that you all had a good holiday season and got the rest and family and friends time that you wanted and needed. I also hope that you all are staying out of Omicron’s way.
I want to welcome a bunch of new subscribers and offer a word of thanks to all of you who continue to read and share the newsletter over this past year, which as you all know has been difficult not only for me and my family but for all of us. I’m amazed at the growing interest in this newsletter and grateful to those of you spreading the word.
In the coming year, I plan to continue to write, bring in more guests, and keep sharing about the good work that people are doing to resist empire and remix faith.
While I plan to continue writing and sharing this year, I am not quite sure the pacing or schedule for the newsletter yet. The overall goal for myself in 2022 is to keep thigs dialed things back so that I can give more energy and focus to my family in the coming year. I anticipate another difficult year where more margin and ability to roll with things being necessary. Even still, writing and connecting with all of you is a source of life for me.
One thing that has been true for me this year: It is hard to write about resisting empire, faith, or anything personal when loved ones are in the midst of suffering. Not just due to time, though that is a factor, but also due to my spirit being low and my focus being elsewhere.
That said, I don’t normally do themes for the year (like my friend Marilyn who is always really good with this), but if I were to pick one this year it would be self-compassion. I want to continue learning how to be gracious with myself and with others.
How are you thinking about this coming year? Goals you have? Themes? Focuses? Reply to this email or drop it in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading,
C. Wess Daniels
Haw River Watershed (Greensboro, NC)

Announcements: Beastly Economics Sunday at 6 PM
This Sunday at 6pm EST "Beastly Economics" at the Freedom Church of the Poor
This Sunday at 6pm EST "Beastly Economics" at the Freedom Church of the Poor
I will be speaking this Sunday at the Freedom Church of the Poor (an online streaming church service hosted by the Kairos Center) at 6 pm EST on the topic of “Beastly Economics” (Revelation 13). The really exciting piece of this is we will also be hearing from Ebony Watkins, the artist who created the amazing artwork above after reading my chapter with the same title in the new edited volume by Rev. Liz Theoharis, “We Cry Justice.” Read my interview with Liz in a previous issue of the newsletter here. We will also be learning more about the current struggle in Alabama around homelessness and housing.
Tune in on facebook at 6pm this Sunday if you’re interested.
Recent Sermon: Here is a sermon I gave at First Friends Meeting here in Greensboro, a few weeks back on John 2: “When the Wine Gives Out.”
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Something I've been thinking about since Jessica's thread yesterday is that a lot of the NT conflicts between Jesus and Pharisees are centered on something related to the difference between "Do to others what you want done to you" and "Don't do to others what you find abhorrent"
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A Final Thought
From the book "Everday Apocalypse" by David Dark
From the book "Everday Apocalypse" by David Dark
☕️ Thank you for Reading
Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting on these newsletters. I love to connect and hear from you.
Be Well Friends!
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C. Wess Daniels
C. Wess Daniels @cwdaniels

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Wess Daniels
Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College

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