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C. Wess Daniels
C. Wess Daniels
Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash @joshstyle
Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash @joshstyle
Dear Friends,
I sent part 2 of my Christian Nationalism series out last Friday but when I noticed that the open-rate was extremely low, I asked some friends and they all said that for some reason that issue went to spam.
Will you look in your spam for the issue and move it to your inbox, hopefully, that will keep it from going there again.
Sorry for the hassle. I’m not really sure what happened? Revue - the platform I use for this newsletter - had some trouble last Friday so that could have caused it or perhaps it was the fact that there were so many dang links in the issue.
In either case, here are two things you can do to keep this from happening again:
  • Ask your subscribers to move your emails into the Priority tab in Gmail or their app’s equivalent. In Gmail, they’ll have to make sure to confirm the follow-up message if the setting should be saved for future emails.
  • Ask your subscribers to add your address to their contacts. Emails from contacts are handled differently, and better.
Thanks for reading and sharing!
C. Wess Daniels
Free Online Event Tomorrow (7:30 PM EST)
I will be sharing on the practice of “Reading the Bible with Empathy,” based in the work of T. Vail Palmer, Jr. I’ll share 4 ways or practices to enter into the text in new and different ways.
Wess Daniels - ‘I am a trapeze artist’
Join me this Wednesday for an “Experiment in Faithfulness” with Beacon Hill Friends.

We’ll be working on the practice of “Reading the Bible with Empathy.”

There is no charge for the event.
A Few Links of Interest
Pandemic Bible Study - Friends Journal
“Fake Famous” and the Tedium of Influencer Culture
The Wisdom Tradition - Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM
Thanks for Reading!
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C. Wess Daniels
C. Wess Daniels @cwdaniels

Old and New (Spiritual) Technologies For Life Today in the Face of Empire. Renewal and change in the hopes of mobilizing communities for love & liberation.

Wess Daniels
Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College

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