Resisting Empire, Remixing Faith

By C. Wess Daniels

Old and New (Spiritual) Technologies For Life Today in the Face of Empire. Renewal and change in the hopes of mobilizing communities for love & liberation. Wess Daniels Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College 🔆 More info:

Old and New (Spiritual) Technologies For Life Today in the Face of Empire. Renewal and change in the hopes of mobilizing communities for love & liberation.

Wess Daniels
Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College

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👷🏼May Day and Freedom Church of the Poor

Title: A May Day for all PeopleText: Revelation 5:11-14Date: 2022-05-01 at Freedom Church of the PoorI'm sure all, or at least most, of you know that May Day is an important day of remembering the importance of worker solidarity. May 1st, historically was cel…


🌠 Commentaries on Revelation

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💰Beastly Economics

The mark of the beast is not a symbol found on the forehead of an evil person that we can identify and ostracize. It's much worse than that. To the first readers of Revelation, it is both a symbol and an ongoing pattern of an evil and oppressive system that c…


💚 Self-Compassion

I will be speaking this Sunday at the Freedom Church of the Poor (an online streaming church service hosted by the Kairos Center) at 6 pm EST on the topic of "Beastly Economics" (Revelation 13). The really exciting piece of this is we will also be hearing fro…


📗Freedom Church of the Poor - Interview with Colleen Wessel-McCoy

Interview with Colleen Wessel-McCoy on her recent book, Freedom Church of the Poor: Martin Luther King Jr's Poor People's CampaignWhy "Freedom Church of the Poor: Martin Luther King Jr's Poor People's Campaign" and why now?The line “freedom church of the poor…


🎙 Interview With Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis on We Cry Justice

Edited by Rev. Dr. Liz TheoharisWe Cry Justice: Reading the Bible with the Poor People's Campaign Fall 2021 by Broadleaf BooksWe Cry Justice contains over 53 contributors writing and reflecting on what the Bible really has to say about God's call to bring an …


⭐️ On Quaker Exceptionalism

When I started my work at Guilford in 2015, as the Director of the Friends Center – sort of like the “Chaplain of the University” role you would see at other schools, with other responsibilities attached – there were a number of the things that became apparen…


📞 Responding to the Call

by Evangeline Weiss


🗺 The Deep Intentionality of Spiritual Direction

By Aaron B. DanielsIn the interest of full disclosure, C. Wess Daniels is my beloved cousin; but telling the stories of our family’s religious history in the Quakers, Spiritualism, and New England Protestantism must wait for another time. Today, Wess has aske…


⛪️ On Womenpriests

Womenpriests in a patriarchal church: Facing punishment, yet providing pastoral presence -- and the EucharistWhat do the abortion debate, patriarchal authority, the Eucharist (or Holy Communion), and the Roman Catholic Womenpriest movement have in common? All…


🦠 On Rituals and Pandemics

By Guest, Cassandra Israel (Greensboro)First there was Confusion: some kind of disease was out there and it was killing people all around the world. And suddenly, life as we knew it stopped. It just stopped. A pandemic (what’s a pandemic?) was spreading like …


🦠 Disruptions in the Circle

We are living in a time of great disruption. The powers and principalities are being unmasked and we are being invited, challenged, and pushed to give up our old ways and welcome in the new. Something new is truly wanting to be born. The birth pangs of God's …


🌲 Bending to Survive

by Rev. Dr. Darryl AaronFor more than a year we have been hearing it is problematic for teachers to teach and for students to learn virtually during the pandemic. With that said, parents have also voiced their challenges with being educators for this unique t…


💥Understanding Powerful Practices

by Jamie PittsDuring the eighteenth-century European Enlightenment, many philosophers argued that the only forces at work in the world were those that could be detected by our senses or scientific measuring devices. Unseen “spirits” of all kinds were thereby …


🌱 The Systems of Death and the Subversive Seed

Happy Friday, Friends. I hope that your week has been positive. That you've been loved. That you've taken care of your mind and body. That you've laughed. And that - if you were able - you've found ways to share love with others.Out good news is that Emily an…


📢 Responding to The False Narrative of Christian Nationalism Pt. 3

In the last couple of weeks, I've written about Christian Nationalism both from an overview and from a more detailed theological analysis.See Part 1: 📢 The False Narrative of Christian Nationalism Pt. 1See Part 2: 📢 The False Narrative of Christian Nationalis…


🕰 Previously On...

Dear Friends,I sent part 2 of my Christian Nationalism series out last Friday but when I noticed that the open-rate was extremely low, I asked some friends and they all said that for some reason that issue went to spam.Will you look in your spam for the issue…


📢 The False Narrative of Christian Nationalism Pt. 2

I'm in the middle of two different dystopian narratives at the moment: Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents and the TV version of Margaret Atwood's, The Handmaid's Tale. In both stories, Butler and Atwood narrate a future in which something very much like …


📢 False Narrative of Christian Nationalism Pt. 1

The morning of January 6th I woke up - not yet aware of any of the news of the day - assuming there would be some push to disrupt the election -- which really was already a horrible thing to think -- but I didn't have any idea what was brewing in D.C.Later th…


🌱 In A Time of Transition

Years ago my friend, Deborah Seuss, strongly suggested that I read the book Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change by William and Susan Bridges. I was at a point in my work where I was spinning my wheels and not struggling to understand why things we…